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Mekuva Technologies is looking for a full-time intern to join our team.


We are a rapidly growing 3D printing and design service provider. Our team is small, but experts in the manufacturing field. We have an organized and collaborative work atmosphere.

Internships run from September/October to March/April. We require at least 4 working days

Production Internship

In this internship, you should expect to learn all aspects of 3D printing an object from start to finish. By the end of this internship, you will master desktop FDM/FFF, SLA/DLP 3D printing technologies, CAD design, product development cycle, and basic knowledge of conventional manufacturing technologies.

In this role, you will handle manufacturing engineer daily responsibilities, starting 3D print jobs on designated printers, troubleshoot 3D printers when a print fails, post-process 3D prints after printing and lightly sand and finish as needed, prepare models for shipment, ship client orders in a timely manner, manage inventory on a weekly basis, customer support and industrial design.

-Manufacturing management
-Light project management
-Production queue management
-Specific 3D printers
-3D printing process
-3D printing techniques
-3D printing repairs
-Post-processing techniques
-3D printing materials knowledge

-CAD design

-Product design 

-Basics of conventional manufacturing technologies

-Strong organizational skills
-Passionate, driven, and eager to learn
-Positive energy and respectful of others
-Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
-Ability to manage priorities easily
-Good with your hands
-Strong communicator

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