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Invertor/UPS and battery backup capacity selection for your 3D printer

Many people have this question when choosing an Invertor/UPS for there 3D printers power backup to run it without any power interruption.

In this article we like share how to choose the right invertor/UPS for your device.

First we need to check how much power its consuming in its max load condition like when heated bed, nozzle heaters and motors are working. Typically majority of the DIY 3D printers in the market use a 360Watt power supply. If you are not sure how much your 3D printer is consuming in max load condition, you check your printer manufacturer brochure or technical specifications to find out its power rating.

For example:


For 800W load application

Power factor =0.8

Inverter =required power/power factor


=1000 watts

1000 watts/1KVA inverter/UPS is recommended for 800watt load.


Battery time = Battery(AH) x Total battery voltage x battery efficiency x inverter efficiency


Battery efficiency = 80%

Inverter efficiency = 80%

150 x 12 x 0.8 x 0.8/570

=3 hours

For 3 hours backup time 150AH battery is required

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