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Jewellery Industry

The jewellery industry already on board with 3D printing with great success. In recent years jewellers are using this technology to create customized jewellery for customers which would be very costly and hard to make using traditional manufacturing technologies. Since the object created completely depends on a computer program and material used, we can almost print anything and everything using a 3D printer. Considering the nature of this technology 3D printing helps to eliminate waste and pollution that’s created by factories. 3D printing being an additive manufacturing technology is relatively cleaner, safer and easier as compared to traditional manufacturing technologies. Also, we are living in a time of customization rather than standardization and 3D printing can definitely help us to create products that are more tailored as per the specific requirements of an individual.

3D printing has found applications across various sectors and helped these sectors by making it possible to create objects that are costly or difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing techniques. In the jewellery making field many jewellers using 3D printing for manufacturing jewellery wax models with complex geometries which are otherwise costly to make. With 3D printing, multiple patterns can be made at once and within a very short period of time. This will significantly reduce the pattern making lead times as well as cost when compared to traditional pattern making techniques. 

3d printing jewellery from sla 3d printe
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