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Fashion Industry (Footwear too)

The fashion industry adopted 3D printing early on and with great success. We are living in a world of customization rather than standardization where each product needs to be tailored to meet customer tastes and preferences. In these cases, 3D printing can definitely help us create products that are constantly getting changes and need specific requirements of the customer. 3D printing is allowing us to work more easily on fashion designs and create amazing things for the fashion industry such as garments, ornaments, and meshes.

This technology is really giving a lot of freedom to the designers in terms of geometry. It is, for example, possible to create intricate designs for various projects inside the fashion industry. From shoes and accessories to 3D printed dresses, the fashion industry starts to embrace the full potential of 3D printing and to develop interesting objects. Some of the garments developed thanks to the 3D printing technology would have been too complex and expensive to create with another manufacturing method.

fashion industry 3d printing dress sls.j
adidas 3d printed shoe custom human leg.

Recommended Technologies For Fashion Industry

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