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AKAR 600

Akar 600 Basic is a large size industrial-grade FDM/FFF 3D printer. It's a build-in INDIA industrial machine with dual extruder functionality so that you can print two materials simultaneously.

  • Build Volume: 600x600x600 mm

  • Printing Temperature: up to 265°C

  • Heat bed Temperature: 110°C

  • Power Failure Recovery

  • Filament Run-out Detection/Warning

akar 600 basic front right from mekuva1.
akar 600 basic front left from mekuva1.p

Metal Steel Body

The whole body is made up of thick sheet metal. This enabled the printer to be highly stable and print at very high speeds without producing any vibrations due to mechanical movement. 

Built In

Hyderabad, INDIA​

  • 265°C Extruder

  • 110°C Buildplate

  • Auto Bed Levelling

  • Build Volume: 600x600x600 mm

AKAR 600 PRO Machine Specifications

akar 600 basic specifications.png
mks tft 3.5.jfif

3.5 Inch Touch Screen

The printer is equipped with a 3.5" touch screen, Its very easy to operate with many shortcuts. 
hiwin 15h guide rail.jpg

Industrial Linear Guide Tail System

The printer is equipped with a linear rail system that can give highly accurate parts. 
This system also helps in accurate gear feeding and printing at very high speeds. 

Dual Extruder Hot-end

AKAR 600 PRO is equipped with a dual extruder system which can reach up to 300C temperature for hotends. 

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