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AKAR 300

Akar 300  is a large size industrial-grade FDM/FFF 3D printer. It's a build-in INDIA industrial machine with dual extruder functionality so that you can print two materials simultaneously. The printer is having a build volume of 300*300*400 mm3 with resume Print functionality. 

AKAR 300 PRO front rihgt from Mekuva tec
AKAR 300 PRO front left from Mekuva tech

Metal Steel Body

The whole body is made up of thick sheet metal. This enabled the printer to be highly stable and print at very high speeds without producing any vibrations due to mechanical movement. 

Built In

Hyderabad, INDIA​

  • 300°C Extruder

  • 120°C Buildplate

  • 55°C Chamber

  • Auto Bed Levelling

  • Build Volume: 300x300x400 mm

AKAR 300 PRO Machine Specifications

Akar 300 pro specs list .png

Dual Extruder Hot-end

AKAR 300 PRO is equipped with a dual extruder system which can reach up to 300C temperature for hotends. 

Internal Filament Drying Storage

  • AKAR 300 PRO comes with an internal filament storage unit. 
  • This will help to keep the ABS, PC, and Nylon materials from absorbing the moisture from the air and make the printing process more reliable. 
AKAR 300 PRO from Mekuva
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