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1000 BASIC

Dual Extrusion System 

Dual-extrusion system capable of printing Engineering filaments with dedicated support material.

Akar printer dual extruder.png

AC Heated Bed

300x300mm size AC silicon heater will ensure faster heating.

Reached 100 °C in just 4 minutes


Range of Filaments

PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU / TPE / NYLON / PETG / ASA / PP / PVA / Glass Fiber Infused / Carbon
Fiber Infused / Metal Fill / Wood Fill

3D printng filament mekuva technologies.

Power Loss Print 

Resume Feature

Never lose a print due to accidental
Power loss.
Just turn the machine back on and the
the printer will ask you to continue the print

Print resume after power on.png

Filament Run-out 


When the filament over the printer will
give an alarm and pauses the and the
Worry-free printing experience

Filament runout sensor .png

Print end-use parts
made of Engineering grade polymers like ABS, ASA, PCABS, PP, Carbon fibre, glass
filled. HIPS, Nylon and
Polycarbonate(PC) materials, and more…

For Example Polycarbonate (PC)
is having exceptional strength,
resistance to breaking and most

PC sample part.png
PC Nylon printes.png

Nylon is an ideal choice for
structural components with
good chemical and thermal

pc parts.png

Heated Bed can Reach 120°C
and Nozzle 300°C

High bed temperatures are important for ensuring first layer adhesion,
preventing warping, and improving interlayer bonding.

Remote Monitoring and
Printing (optional)

Manage your printer remotely via network.
Monitor your prints through an inbuilt camera inside the printer.

Air Filtration
System (optional)

Remove nanoparticles from the
Safe environment


Industrial Linear Guide Tail System

The printer is equipped with a linear rail system that can give highly accurate parts.

This system also helps in accurate gear feeding and printing at very high speeds.

Hiwin guide rail.jpg
AKAR 300 PRO from Mekuva

Internal Filament Drying

AKAR 300 PRO comes with an internal filament storage unit.

This will help to keep the ABS, PC, and Nylon materials from absorbing the moisture from the air and make the
printing process more reliable.

Highly Stable

The whole body is made up of a thick
steel body which helps the user to
print at very high speeds with any
Our Printers are made with an
intention to run for more than 30000
hours of printing time i.e: almost 9 years

akar 300 chassis.png
TMC 2209 Stepper drivers .png

Silent Stepper Motor Drivers

The Printer is equipped with an
advanced 32bit controller board with
TMC 2209 stepper motor drivers.
This enables the printer with very
little noise while the printing process
is going on.

Printer Technical Specifications

AKAR 300 Pro Industrial FDM 3D Printer s
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