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Construction Industry

In the recent years, one of the major research is going on concrete 3D printed houses using “material extrusion” technology also called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology where concrete is extruded through a nozzle which is deposited layer by layer until the object is finished. By implementing 3D printing into construction the cost can be reduced up to 85% and lead time by 50 to 80%. Some experts predicted that 3d printed houses will grow by 24% in the year 2025. Dubai sets up rules and regulations that at least 25% of the building in Dubai must be based on 3D printed technology by 2030. 3D printing will change the future of manufacturing and builds new opportunities for the next generation of the workforce.

3D printed house from mekuva technology

Recently one of the India based company called Tvasta build the first 3D printed house in India. 

You can find their full story from the following link.

India's First 3D Printed House

tvasta 3D printer house in chennai mekuv

How construction 3D printing can be advantageous compared to the traditional way of building houses

1. Fast

Suppose In case of natural disaster or some other reason if we need to build houses for thousands of people in short period of time, it would be too difficult to build them using the traditional way of building homes as transferring raw materials, labour is difficult and sometimes it would take too much time for planning. 


Whereas 3D printing can solve these issues by printing all internal and external walls of the building were all printed at the same time.

2. Sustainable

For suppose if we want to build a shelter in some remote area or during a emergency period it would be impossible to source some raw materials but with the help of 3D printing we can mix the binder agents with naturally occurring soul and using the paste we can construct houses.

This opens up new possibilities to build construction on extraplanetary places like Moon, Mars and other satellites to colonize for humans

3. Tailored to Customer Taste and Preferences

We are moving to a world of customization rather than people looking for the traditional way to building their homes. With the help of 3D printing technology the user no need to pay extra cost for the customization as walls and other geometries can be printed in whatever shape the user wants since the computer will take care of the complexity. 

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