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Explore the exciting applications of 3D printing to create topographical map models, 3D printed houses, and photogrammetry. 

tvasta 3D printer house in chennai mekuv

Automobile and Aerospace

Explore how Additive Manufacturing technologies are helping engineering in product development, Tooling, and production parts. 

aerospace generative design 3d printing


When it comes to rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing technologies are best suited for creating prototypes because the cost and lead time are very less compared to traditional manufacturing technologies where it produces huge waste/scrap and also takes a long time to produce them.

Explore how makers all around the world are getting benefited from this game-changing technology.

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In recent years jewellers are using this technology to create customized jewellery for customers which would be very costly and hard to make using traditional manufacturing technologies. Since the object created completely depends on the computer program and material used, we can almost print anything and everything using a 3D printer.

3d printing jewellery from sla 3d printe


The medical industry will benefit the most from 3D printing. With the help of 3D printing, we can save the lives of thousands of people by replacing a damaged organ with a 3D printed one. In the field of medical technology, a lot of research is going has been taken place to explore the opportunity of creating 3D printed organs that could be used as a substitute for organ transplants.

medical models mekuva technologies priva

Architectural Scale Models 

3D printed miniature models also help the designer to identify the design flaws and can also help to finalize the design with the customer.

architectural Models from mekuva technol


 From a manufacturing point of view, 3D printing is relatively cleaner, safer, and easier than traditional manufacturing techniques like milling, moulding or forming, where requiring a skilled workforce and heavy machinery.

Explore how it can revolutionalize the future generation to think about manufacturing

Teaching and training mekuva technologie


We are living in a world of customization rather than standardization where each product needs to be tailored to meet customer tastes and preferences. In these cases, 3D printing can definitely help us create products that are constantly getting changes and need specific requirements of the customer.

fashion industry 3d printing dress sls.j

Investment Casting

Generally, the wax model patterns are created using a metal injection mould which is a costly process and takes a lot of time to make. For small run production, creating a metal mould is not feasible.3D printed patterns, on the other hand, presents several advantages enabling foundries to make single parts or even hard intricate geometries.

Find out how you can implement 3D printing in your business. 

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