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Man Scanning a Product

3D Scanning

3d scan data repair mesh stl obj .png

3D scanning is best for replicating a precision part or a visual model. We can scan your part and provide CAD models in all of the major file formats.  We can also provide you with full-colour 3D models of your objects. 

3D scanning is used to create digital model of your real-world objects. 

We provide you the output file as .STL or .OBJ, which is ideal for 3D printing.  


Our AKAR series FDM 3D printer machines can produce a physical model of your scanner part.

We do 3D printing services in other technologies also like SLA, SLS, MJF and DMLS (SLM) technologies. 

We can help you repair your models efficiently.

Starting from 1500 rupees/ Model

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