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3D Printer

3D Printing Services 

(Rapid Prototyping)

Optimizing your parts for 3D printing
Precision Parts 3D Printing
Large Volume Production Order

Some of our customers in the architectural, animation, and engineering fields work with 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCAD, and Z-brush software. Their native files contain a lot of duplicate triangles, intersecting faces, and mesh errors which cause their files not to be printed properly on the machine. 

In order to ensure that your parts will be printed perfectly on the machine, we will optimize your CAD models ready for 3D printing. 

In order to ensure the perfect fitment, tolerances, and functionality of your parts. 

We can completely test your part to ensure that your final 3D printed part matched the functionality. 

We will provide a great discount on large volume orders. 

Our Mekuva3D specialist will talk with you on the phone to discuss your project requirements to ensure the parts will fulfill your requirement.

Choosing the Right 3D printing Material 
Post Processing

Our team has more than 2000+ hrs of 3D printing experience and worked with most of the materials available in the FDM/FFF and SLA/DLP technologies.

We guide you to choose the right material for your part which will fulfill your requirement.

We offer a wide range of post-processing finishes for your parts.


We can help you enhance your 3D printed part appearance efficiently at a much-reduced cost starting at 900 Indian Rupees

Please fill out this form for a free quote. Our teammate will gey back to you shortly.

Ready to Get Started?

Commitment in business is everything to us. We know the importance of your time and how focused you are towards your end goal. We will make sure that your parts are produced at the best quality while you can focus on your project.


We provide the most reliable 3D printing service, every time.

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